It's been a little while since I last updated this, and not a lot to report really! Last week's training was unfortunately interrupted by a bout of illness - having babysat over the previous weekend I picked up a cold/sore throat/viral bug. Sad face. This put me out for around three days and I decided to be very cautious about getting back on the bike til I recovered properly. This was tempered by an experience last year; I was just coming back from a two week bug and was not fully recovered when I went to race the Sherwood National. The race not only went badly, but I put myself back under for a further three weeks and pretty much wrote off the season's racing plans. I was determined it wouldn't happen again this year!

I had a few days away from the bike, not easy(!) but sensible. This also meant I was free to marshall the Loughborough Students Criterium Road Race in bright sunshine. Glorious weather for sitting out in the sun and watching some very good racing. Jed and I even got to see a crash go down in the 2/3/4 (not good for the rider, but exciting for us!). A good friend Sam only narrowly missed out on the win despite leading the race pretty much from the off.

When I eventually got to ride again I managed to start working on the tanlines(!) and just planned to start easy and work up to bringing some more effort in. Monday and Tuesday were easy recovery paced rides but when testing the legs I did feel like I was able to really give it some. Hurray!

The real interesting thing to happen was that I have been selected as a participant for a Sports Science study looking at overtraining. What it means is that for the next six weeks I'll have a very lovely SRM powermeter on my bike, and I'll have to record nutrition, daily weight, attitude and record my heartrate overnight. It's a little bit full on at first look, but basically I'll be overtraining for nine days, having fifteen days off and then overtraining for nine days again. Hopefully I'll come out of the other side of this study absolutely motoring!
The real highlight is getting a full power workout, VO2max data, lactate threshold and lots of other data to help me train more effectively. The £1000 I get paid for it is just a big bonus! As a MASSIVE cycling and numbers geek I have really been enjoying looking at the differing numbers for the effort being put in. I managed to hit 1200W yesterday....
Thursday was the real start of training again as I had to do a max effort one hour time trial in the labs in order to work out my Functional Threshold Power (FTP). This was very pleasantly around 40W higher than this time last year, around a 15% increase!

I'll let you know how the trial goes, expect lots of grumpy updates over the next few weeks!