We're very proud to say the following wonderful people and companies are sponsoring our racing this year:

LV do a range of insurance, including car, home and bike insurance. I can thoroughly recommend them for bikes, especially if you have a few that are prices that make other companies gasp! Very reasonably priced and very easy to deal with. Thumbs up!

We found 9bar in a few supermarkets when looking for an alternative to the chemical wasteland that many other energy bars are. A change to Paleo eating also meant trying to avoid refined sugars and a move towards eating more whole foods. 9bar create some truly wonderful seed and nut based bars which are made in Wales and are not only healthy, nutritionally dense and whole food, but Paleo too!

Not a massively well known brand, but one that deserves to be! Chain-L make quite possibly the best chain lube on the planet. It works brilliantly in all conditions, lasts a really long time, keeps the chain clean and squeak free. What more could you want?

Anyone who knows us will realise how happy we are to have ESI on board as a sponsor. Mike first started using their grips as an alternative to lock-on style grips as he can't abide the plastic tube under the grip and wanted grips that played nicely with Gripshift. All of us rapidly came to love them, and now won't have anything else! They are supremely comfortable, light and come in a range of bright colours to match your bike.

Mike's Bikes are a Loughborough based workshop specialising in high end road and XC bikes, with a particular emphasis on wheelbuilding. Owned and run by a very competent mechanic with a long history in the trade. Very highly recommended!

Despite not tasting particularly fantastic(!), beetroot juice has been proven to improve stamina and athletic performance. We began using it towards the end of last year and can vouch for it's efficacy. One shot two hours before racing will help to give you a little bit of an edge, but keep something else nearby to wash the taste out!

Rotor came onto the scene a few years ago with their elliptical chainrings with they claimed were game changers. We agree! The improvement in power delivery makes tricky climbs a lot easier and Mike now has them on all his MTBs and road bikes.