This is a slight change for me, and definitely not my normal mode of racing! 9Bar being the wonderful sponsors that they are asked if some of us brand ambassadors would mind travelling down to Guildford for the inaugural 9Bar 9x9 Trail Running Festival. It was basically a 9km cross country lap, with options to run 3 laps (27km), 5 laps (45km), 6 laps (54 km), or 9 laps (81km).

I decided I would show willing, and ran one lap with some of the other 9Bar athletes, and at the end of the first lap felt good enough to run another! 18km done and dusted I decided to have a kip in the back of the mighty Vivaro. I should explain at this point that it was my birthday the night before so I didn’t get to bed until gone midnight and I was up at 4am to collect Helen and drive down south. I was knackered!

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