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Posted by: Jodie
The last winter series race was the first test for the new training I've been doing, so once again I was looking forward to seeing the results of another months hard work. The week prior to the race my personal trainer decided I'm at a stage where I have lost enough weight to now start pumping some iron, so I did one leg session and one upper body session before spending the rest of the week sticking to exercise I was used to. That way I was in no danger of having tired muscles for the race. I had also decided to test out fully resting and carb-loading for only 2 days before the race instead of 3 like last time.

On Saturday I took out my newly serviced bike for intervals just to wake up the legs - everything seemed in full working order, so I was all prepped for the race!

I arrived nice and early allowing me time to settle in and go for a very gentle pre-ride. The course was fairly hilly for Thetford, with one steepish climb up 'Nutcracker' just before the end of the lap. The course was also mostly single track - my favourite!

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Posted by: Mike
Certainly an interesting race for me, as this was the first 'long' race I had ever done on a singlespeed! The time trial on the Friday night beforehand had decided my gear choice for me, a slightly ambitious 58 inches was the choice. While I did have different sprockets in my toolbox I thought Thetford was flat enough for me to engage the lazy part of my brain and leave it well enough alone!

My somewhat lackadaisical attitude also coincided with forgetting to bring a spare inner tube (thanks to Sussed Out Suspension for lending me one!), forgetting to bring my Garmin (cheers for the loan Daza!) and my warm up, which was really non-existent. I wrapped up warmly enough with base layer, jersey and gilet, coupled with arm and leg warmers and joined the grid. As I had placed this in my mind as a training session rather than a race I wasn't too worried about finishing position and just set out to enjoy myself.

In the Pit
Riding through the first pit

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