RACE REPORT: Mallory Park RR

As the FNSS was unfortunately cancelled due to recalcitrant landowners, I decided to do a Mallory road race instead this week. However I’ve been feeling a little flat this week, so I wasn’t expecting miracles. My end goal was the same as the last Mallory race, just to finish in the pack.

I rocked up at the circuit feeling OK – my main effort this week has been to get myself back onto a full Paleo diet. So I had lunch a decent amount of time before and sorted myself out with a tuna salad about 2 hours pre-race. I had already decided to use this race as a bit of a trial run with a new race day regime, so this part seemed to go well. After walking down and signing on, I started warming up. I did 15 minutes just easing the legs out, followed by 10 minutes sweet spot and then 3 x 1min efforts at FTP. The circuit we were using is the clockwise flat circuit with the chicanes – one of my favourites (I’ve won a previous race here on the same circuit).

I should mention first that the race was very very wet – so a thorough warm up to check how far the tyres would grip was pretty important. I felt like I started OK, but there were lots of surges in the pack throughout. A breakaway managed to get away with about 10 laps out of 35 done and stayed away for a while. They were eventually pulled back with 15 laps to go, before another break went with 9 laps to go. Unfortunately, this seemed to be the move that broke me! The acceleration went and I just didn’t have the energy to go with it and I got dropped out of the back. I made a concerted effort to get back on but it wasn’t to be. I wasn’t the only one to get dropped though – I rode the last 9 laps with none other than elite MTBer Annie Last!

One squeaky moment I need to own up to was when I was near the front, looked over a shoulder to check for a gap and hit a puddle. I lost the front wheel, put a foot down and managed to get the bike under control; and back into the back of the pack with no crashes or other issues. Fairly certain I managed to scare a few other riders though! As soon as the race was over I went to find a commissaire just to let them know what happened but they were happy enough that it was a weather issue rather than me riding like a chopper…

For the numbers fans, the average speed was touching 40km/h for the 1 hour 20 the race was on for and my NP was about 260W.

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