RACE REPORT: Midlands XC Regional Championships – Eckington

Only a short one for this, but in concise words I’m the Midlands Regional Singlespeed Champion for the second year running!

The course at Eckington was definitely deserving of the Regional Championships, it was very up and down. There seem to be a series of DH trails dug into the side of a big hill and the course was very much “Ride up a fire road and then dive down the descents.” The only real bugbear for me on an SS was the fact that all of the climbs seemed to be after a descent, followed by a hairpin! This meant getting loads of speed, braking hard, and then turning a 180 to climb something steep. Not ideal terrain for riding a bike with just one gear. I don’t mind admitting here that I did push up several climbs throughout the race –  my lowest gearing of a 34/18 just was far too hard. In fairness I did manage to clean several of the climbs to the sounds of “I don’t know how the hell you got up there on THAT!”

Subtle boast here – I even managed to bag a KOM on one of the climbs! If I’m honest, it’s cos I was too bloody stubborn and I was trying not to let my lungs escape through my mouth when I crested the top!

Four laps later I crossed the line and near collapsed. Soon as I got home I was online to buy myself a 20T cog for the back!

Nathan and I took the top two steps on the podium before heading back home with a decent trophy and bag of swag to match!

Course video is available to watch on YouTube – I turn up a couple of times!


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